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 TUTORIAL: Vinyl doll stain removal method

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TUTORIAL: Vinyl doll stain removal method Empty
PostSubject: TUTORIAL: Vinyl doll stain removal method   TUTORIAL: Vinyl doll stain removal method EmptySat May 14, 2011 2:04 pm

Vinyl doll stain removal method
by Laguna » Sun May 10, 2009 4:57 pm

I'm currently in the process of repairing Trevor's doll from some severe staining, and since my revised stain removal method seems to be working even better than last time, I thought I would pass it on to the rest of the Vinyl Gang and anyone else who is considering a Dollfie Dream or similar doll.

You will need:

- one 28g tube of Oxy Acne Vanishing Treatment (I'm using the "Cover-Up" version) [5% Benzoyl Peroxide ===> this is the key ingredient to stain removal!)
- a Q-Tip
- a VERY strong light source (i.e. a bright desk need something that generates lots of light and heat)
- a Magic Eraser

The process is relatively simple.

1. Using a Q-Tip, generously coat the stained area so that it is completely covered with the Oxy cream.

2. Position the stained body part so that it is in VERY close proximity to your light source (I have a pedestal lamp that I've tipped horizontally, shining sideways onto the doll part). The idea is to get it close enough that it will be thoroughly heated without melting. 2.5 inches away works just fine, if the bulb is hot enough.

3. Wait at least 30-45 minutes, even longer is better. The peroxide's effect is enhanced by the heat, so give it lots of time to do its work.

4. Using your magic eraser, wipe off the dried cream and give the stained area a good scrub. Sometimes scrubbing isn't even necessary, but if you still see the stain, it can help.

5. If the stain remains (perhaps a bit lighter than before) and resists scrubbing, repeat the treatment again. It can take many applications to completely vanish, although with this method I find 4-5 removes most stains.

For those who try this technique out, be sure to let me know if it works as well for you!
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TUTORIAL: Vinyl doll stain removal method
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