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 Off-Topic Dolls & Figures Chat

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Candy Coma


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PostSubject: Re: Off-Topic Dolls & Figures Chat   Wed Feb 01, 2012 3:59 pm

That's really great you were able to find someone on flickr who would sell you that doll. I always wondered if posting ads like that on flickr worked at all. I've been trying to sell my Crobidoll Be Ousted Boni I received in November. She is absolutely gorgeous but I realized she was too small and I felt like her character was already made. I haven't had much luck in selling her. I've kept her in her box for awhile now. If she doesn't sell in a year (and I don't even get lower offers) I think I'll keep her.

There are many Pullips I want but I keep telling myself that they won't live up to my expectations. I had a Angelic Pretty x Pullip but I felt like she was falling apart on me all the time and doing nose dives. *laughs* I love looking at owner pictures of Pullips though. Do Blythe dolls stand better then Pullip dolls?

I used to collect SD sized dolls and even had a male doll. I realized they weren't really my style. It was weird but I was wondering if I even wanted to collect dolls anymore until I saw the big heads which made me realize these were the dolls I wanted to collect. I'm glad Leeke offers layaway.

I'm thinking I'm going to try for this doll when she is released:

I never wanted an animal bjd before but she is just too cute! She looks so cartooony. I think she is being released in March so I've been trying to save money for her. I wish I knew how much on average she will be going for.

I'll have to look into Fashion Royalty and the other lines you mentioned since I never heard of them before. I'm always intrigued to look at other dolls but I always deep down worry I will want them. ._.

I find I don't talk much either due to the fear of the rules and fear of the not-so-friendly people. A girl recently posted about wanting to choose between Ariana & Florence. I could tell she didn't know that she couldn't talk about Ariana so I sent her a private message giving her links to photographs and comparing the two to help her decision! I wanted to post but I feared it would be deleted.

I'm not a huge fan of too many rules. I find some people end up choosing not to get certain dolls they love just because they can't post about them on DoA. I remember doing the big DoA survey awhile ago and saying as a suggestion they should add an off-topic forum. I'm certain someone would love to moderate it. I'm hoping some day they will add a section for that.
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PostSubject: Re: Off-Topic Dolls & Figures Chat   Wed Feb 01, 2012 7:27 pm

No Blythes won't stand without a lot of help. They're not floppy the way that Pullips and Dals are. The body is more like a Barbie's but they won't really stand unassisted. I did get a pair of magnetic Cool Cat boots and I stood one of them on the stove and that worked. This is her standing on the stove.

Magnetic Shoes by Jen Savage, on Flickr

That said I really love my Blythe girls and they certainly have big heads. Smile

I actually got lucky twice on Flickr by posting a photo of a doll and just saying "Wishlist". But mind you the photos had been there FOREVER. It was totally random to get contacted with someone offering to sell me the doll I wanted.

If you check out my photostream on Flickr you can see the dolls I mentioned. This is my collection of dolls and they're separated by type within the collection:

I've been around the Internet for awhile and I work for a website that has its own private community and I think the rules should be there to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience. I've had posts deleted a few times on DoA and maybe if they were politer about the messages they sent it would go a long way to ease the fear. I get that the rules are necessary but there's a line between necessary and too stringent. Too stringent just removes the community feel that forums should give. Maintaining a large community like that is difficult but I think they alienate more people than they realize. And it's really hard to be impartial and rule fairly when you're also actively involved in the community. I speak from experience when I say when people you consider friends break rules it's very very difficult to be the guy who says "You can't do that" but by that same token others will start saying you favour your friends. And for some people it becomes an obvious power trip. All that said I've definitely grown to really like DoA and especially in the DIM Happy thread, there's a great bunch that posts regularly.
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PostSubject: Re: Off-Topic Dolls & Figures Chat   Wed Feb 01, 2012 10:14 pm

My sister bought an SDC Cute from a girl who advertised it on Flickr - so it does seem to work.
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PostSubject: Re: Off-Topic Dolls & Figures Chat   Wed Feb 01, 2012 10:31 pm

Oh! I love pullips! but I only have one! I would love to have a Taeyang one day!
Ashley is adorable!

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PostSubject: Re: Off-Topic Dolls & Figures Chat   Thu Feb 02, 2012 3:48 am

Actually thinking about it, I have managed to get my Blythes to stand unassisted if they're wearing sneakers. You just have to get them to balance just right. I've also managed to get my Fashion Royalty dolls to stand on their own which amazed me.

I hadn't intended to get a second Taeyang until I discovered Black Butler and decided I absolutely had to have Sebastian. Then I got Dal Ciel too. Yup. If they released a Claude and Alois, I would buy them too! Smile

I'm totally overrun with dolls though and I really need to stop being lazy and put up more shelves. There are dolls everywhere!
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PostSubject: Re: Off-Topic Dolls & Figures Chat   Sun May 13, 2012 8:05 pm

I have moved this thread here to the new Off-Topic Dolls Section of the forum, please carry on or create new threads in this section if you would prefer Wink

Saya ~ Oska ~ River~
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PostSubject: Re: Off-Topic Dolls & Figures Chat   

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Off-Topic Dolls & Figures Chat
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